Membership-based co-working space for interaction across industries

Have you ever felt the urge to create an environment where you can build your own network of like-minded business people, or concentrate on learning to maximize your career potential? Maybe you’ve never had the chance to act on that urge. Or maybe you made start, but couldn’t keep things going. We know plenty of people who feel the same way.

Here at Kansai University, we’ve created a space in Umeda, Osaka, for people like you. Here you can have some space to yourself for working quietly. You can also use communal spaces to interact with like-minded people on an ongoing basis, building and expanding your own brand-new human network.

Our space gives you a third base of operations, that is neither your workplace nor your home. Here you can keep yourself updated through encounters with new information and new people. Imagine Osaka as a venue where everyone has the chance to meet new people and acquire new knowledge and enjoy learning from each other. This is the vision that we, at Kansai University, have for the future.

We prepared English brochure. Please download the pdf file from the button below.